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I’m a former Rm teacher turned writer who loves few things more than a good hug. My hobbies are reading, writing, just about anything, Sketching (Yes! I am a good sketcher), Traveling is one of my fav hobby.

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Most people think of scented candles first when it comes to home fragrance, and with good reason. Burning candles have long been the method of creating light, but with the appearance of aromatic versions, it has become the perfect way to decorate and perfume our spaces. No matter what your purpose is to freshen the air, soothe the senses, increase romance, there is a scented candle for every occasion!

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Kindly use organic ingredients to make the face mask. You can use organic turmeric or turmeric essential oil. If you want to be extra careful not to stain your skin then look for wild turmeric also known as kasturi manjal (curcuma aromatica), which is non-staining and works amazing at clearing acne, fighting wrinkles, removing facial hair growth and adding a radiant glow to the skin. However, it is not edible and should only be used externally.

Video Credit: LITTLE DIY (Youtube Channel)

– Camille Paglia

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