Most people think of scented candles first when it comes to home fragrance, and with good reason. Burning candles have long been the method of creating light, but with the appearance of aromatic versions, it has become the perfect way to decorate and perfume our spaces. No matter what your purpose is to freshen the air, soothe the senses, increase romance, there is a scented candle for every occasion!

How do scented candles work?

Scented candles emit scent even when not lit (this is called the “cold release effect”), but release most of the scent through evaporation when burned. The procedure is the same as for unscented candles; when you light the wick, the heat melts the wax, but since it also contains scent molecules, the candle begins to release the scent.

The longer you burn the candle, the more the wax melts and the stronger the fragrance becomes. Larger candles have more surface area, which means they can release more fragrance. So if you’re looking for scented candles that work in larger spaces, consider buying larger ones.

How are scented candles made?

Essentially, making scented candles is the same as making unscented candles, all you need is a container, wax, and wick, plus of course some scent to add.

The fragrance blend (a combination of liquid wax and essential oils and/or other aromatic ingredients such as spices or fruit extracts) is poured into clean jars with one or more wicks. Craft candle companies and manufacturers use special scents that often take years to develop so that the result is a balanced scent.

Premium Scented Candle

When the wax has completely cooled and all the ingredients have settled, the containers can be labeled, capped, boxed, and shipped to bring amazing home fragrance to many homes.

Are scented candles harmful?

Lighting a scented candle indoors creates a cozy atmosphere and can help improve air quality, but like all other scented household products, not all are safe to use. The good news is that you are aware of the potential dangers of scented candles. Candles, it will be easy to choose products that are safe to use, so here I list the most important features to check when stocking up on candles.

Do not buy paraffin wax candles

Paraffin and petroleum-derived wax candles can give off toxic fumes and cause respiratory diseases, allergies, or skin problems in poorly ventilated areas made out of?

Soy wax Jar Candle

Choose soy wax, coconut wax, or beeswax that burn cleanly, or candles made with ingredients like minerals and vegetables that release fewer particles when burned (like Jo Malone scented candles). You can also get a candle warmer that doesn’t require a flame.

Check the middle wick for lead

Most candles have cored wicks, which means that cotton is wrapped around a metal backing to prevent the wick from falling into the wax. In the past, this metal holder was made of lead, but it was found that burning this type of candle leads to a concentration of lead in the air and can cause poisoning in young children. That’s why the US Consumer Product Safety Commission banned the manufacture of lead wick candles in 2003.

Short-wick candle

Today zinc or tin is used instead of lead, but there are no metal wick candles either. If you’re thinking of making your candles at home, it’s best to use organic hemp wicks.

Opt for natural scents

Not only the wax itself but also the scent added to scented candles can be toxic. Inhaling synthetic fragrances can lead to allergies, headaches, and infections, so do some research into how the product you intend to use works. Buying is made to smell good.

Choose naturally scented candles that are scented with essential oils, plant or flower extracts instead of toxic chemicals.

Advantages of using scented candles in your home

Our home is where we spend most of our time, so it is very important that we feel at home in it. Creating comfort is easy with careful planning and smart solutions, but it’s the small details like thoughtful decor and the use of aromatic household products that create atmosphere. Placing scented candles in your home not only helps make your home smell heavenly, but it also brings benefits you never thought of.

Create mood and atmosphere

You can’t change every piece of furniture every season or your mood, but small things like decorative accessories and even a different room fragrance can change the whole atmosphere of your home.

Autumn Candle

Using scented candles is the best way to not only make a room smell fresh but also make it appear inviting. Lighting a typical Autumn or Christmas candle on a cold winter’s day will instantly make you feel warm, while Spring candles bring nature’s bloom into your home when it’s time to encourage freshness.

Enhances Mood

Candles are not only intended to decorate and bring a tranquil atmosphere to your home, but they can definitely help people feel better and function better in their daily lives. The secret lies in choosing the right aroma.

Bathroom Candle 

There are scented candles that help you relax, while others help you stay focused or lift your spirits. There is definitely a fragrance for every occasion and every activity! In the bathroom, light a lavender aromatherapy candle to keep your bathroom smelling great while you shower, or choose a warm, woody scent like vanilla or vetiver if you’re having a date night.

Reminding us of pleasing memories

Scents have a powerful effect on the body and mind, and scents have been shown to be important for memory. Smelling a pleasant and familiar scent will instantly bring back memories and remind you of the happy time/place you smelled that particular scent.

That’s why many luxury hotels, for example, use their own exclusive scented candles that you can buy and take home with you so that holiday memories are triggered with every scent. Or there is another way! If you often feel homesick when you’re out and about, simply light a candle with a scent that reminds you of your childhood to create a feeling of home anywhere in the world.

I recommend homesick scented candles for every US state, many cities, and many unforgettable experiences!

Helps get rid of bad smells

Although scented candles are not intended to mask bad smells, there are special odor-removing candles that can also be used as air fresheners. Some scented candles are designed to combat certain unpleasant odors, such as pet odor. or smell of smoke, but when trying to get rid of bad smells always start by cleaning and airing the room before lighting a match.

Pro Tips to Get the Most Out of Scented Candles

Placing scented candles throughout the home is the perfect way to freshen up rooms and make the home more welcoming. Various tips and tricks that can help make the process seamless and safe.

Consider the time of day which fragrance you choose

Our moods and activity levels are constantly changing. Because we wear different clothes and spray ourselves with different perfumes depending on the time of day, the scent that surrounds us needs to change throughout the day to best support our daily activities.

Candle, Coffee, and Book

As you get ready in the morning or work from home, try the energizing and refreshing aromas that can boost your energy levels and help you focus. For late afternoon coffee or classical music in the evening, choose spicy or musky scents that will make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Pick the aroma according to the season

We change the decoration of our house when the season changes and the same thing happens with scents. Woody and aromatic fragrances are best worn in fall, while the cold winter months call for warm, spicy notes.

As spring approaches and airy scents replace more intense scents, switch to light floral scents for the home to brighten the mood, then opt for fruity and citrusy scents in summer.

Scented candle on the table with fresh flowers

The good thing is that certain scents have other benefits besides the pleasant smell, just think of the must-have garden party candles that keep the bugs at bay while keeping the air with you Fragrance fills citronella fresh.

Avoid typical seasonal scents like typical Christmas scents like berries or gingerbread out of season as this can be off-putting to some.

Use various scents in various rooms

Instead of having the same scent throughout the house, create a more pleasant olfactory experience by using different scents in different areas of the house. This method not only allows you to customize the areas but also prevents the scent from being too strong.

Flower and candle in the bedroom

Choose a fragrance that suits the room and the people who frequent it, and make sure that the fragrances create a balanced olfactory experience and do not overpower one another. If you need help with this, take a look at the Scent Wheel to learn how to combine scents.

Have enough candles and place them in the right place

To create the ideal home fragrance, make sure you have the right number of candles and place them in the right place. In general, a good quality 8-ounce candle is ideal for scenting 10 square feet, so small spaces will need smaller or fewer candles, while larger areas will need smaller or larger extras.

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