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WOW! a whole page just about me!

I’m a former Rm teacher turned writer who loves few things more than a good hug. My hobbies are reading, writing, just about anything, Sketching (Yes! I am a good sketcher), Traveling is one of my fav hobby.

I am a huge nature lover. I could sit and watch the skies for hours.

I love to capture all the moments I experience in my mini polaroid. Since i have a huge interest in taking picture, i dont mind clicking anywhere, anytime, literally whatever i find beautiful.

A place is only as good as the people in it

How about I tell you a little more about me? Just so you know for deep friendship eh?

Eventually, I started a blog to share my creative projects, lessons as an expat, and — if we’re being honest — blog posts written from the perspective of old self. It was pretty high brow stuff. I also started my blog because I dreaded my actual job as an RM.

I always loved engaging more in people, but the same routine was slowly sucking my soul out from my body. I had no idea that “blogging” was an actual THING at the time (“like, people do this for a living?”),

As you'll see, I approach writing from a variety of perspectives

I believe that the best way to grow your company is from the inside out — meaning, the more work you do to reprogram the ineffective beliefs and stories you adopted in your early years, the more success and joy you’ll feel as a business owner and human.

I am willing to put all my effort in making people believe to approach their inner beauty and kindness